Are Swedish girls the hottest?

Somehow I’ve found myself reading this Swedish online paper (don’t ask) and they had pics from the Swedish party scene. Looks pretty good to Modelchaser. Should I be packing my bags and moving to Sweden?

So, What do you say, Take this poll?

Bob is back baby, Bob is back…

Bob was away for a while. But now bob is back with more hot girls than bob saget.

Help Bob to pick the hottest caught on camera chick:


Photos credits: teemow and stevenvanwel.

Bob’s Temptation

Bob’s picked 2 tempting girls. This is very tough mission – Help Bob pick the hottest tempting girl ever:

Help BOB!!!!

Photos by:

by viviitha and invisibleland.

Bob’s Reveals the hints url’s

Ok guys, Bob see that you can’t handle with simple quizzes, and you don’t want to download Bob’s special treat, so this why he decided to reveal for you the places for the 4 hints that will bring you the password for his secret protected post.

The links with the hints (find out the words in the comments – this is not the complete password):

Easy right? If you managed to understand the password, go to this link, enter the pass and download Bob’s special treat.

Have Fun,


P.S – The password is similar to famous Disney song.

Marisa Miller – S.I. Swimsuit’s 2008 Cover and Photos Brings us some juicy pics of Marisa Miller with tiny bikini. There’s a lot of sexy pics @ NS4W.ORG 

And now: 2girls1cupcake

Its not stopping – but now its with a better taste. 
 Click here for the movie. 

Bob’s Sexy Cowgirl

Bob is Back!!! Bob’s likes westerns, but he thinks that characters there are too much manly.

Therefore, he picked two hot cowgirls and waits for you to pick the hottest cowgirl in the west:
Photos  by: denimclog
Don’t forget Bob’s secret post – be the first to crack Bob’s password.